The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) will host the 29th annual Durban Festival of Chariots, over the Easter weekend at the Old Durban Drive Inn.  It is a free event that perfectly showcases the spirit KZN. The festival caters for Durbanites and visitors to the province over Easter and offers diverse activities that will suit different tastes.

The Durban Festival of Chariots (Ratha Yatra Festival) was born 28 years ago under the guidance of one of ISKCON’S leaders His Holiness Indradyumna Swami.  Being an ancient Vedic festival celebrated around the world, Durban first hosted the festival in the Amphitheatre at the Beachfront over the Christmas season. The festival has now grown to a four-day event attracting over 200 000 people at the Od Durban Drive Inn and is billed as the biggest Festival of Chariots outside of India. 

This year, ISKCON is planning the best festival yet. Three beautifully decorated chariots, each of 15 meters high will be pulled along the streets of Durban on Friday, 14 March and again in the evening of Monday, 17 March. The streets will come alive with a splash of colour and lively music and dance. A tent city will be erected at the festival site to cater for guests of all tastes.  The much loved childrens’ theme park called Blue Mountain Children Village will delight both the parents and children.  ISKCON is proud to host entertaining and educational activities for the children which also provides a strong moral centre.

The cultural stage show will include both international and local stars.  Canadian born theatre producer, Bhakti Marg Swami will engage with a local cast to produce two high quality dramas.  Two dramas are on the cards for the festival this year.  The stage will also be set for the world premier of the drama titled “Many Mothers, Many Fathers”’ to take place right here in Durban.  
The Health, Wellness and Lifestyle tent is always a hit, and this year we will promote wellness through the body, mind and soul – through the process of healthy eating, yoga and meditation.  The youth will be invited to the Bhakti Cloud arena.  This focuses on youth matters via panel discussions, interviews, poetry and interactive sessions.

Questions and Answers tent will host esteemed spiritual leaders who will discuss topical issues based on the Vedic texts.  His Holiness Lokanath Swami from India will present daily talks on the Bhagavat Katha (pastimes of Lord Krishna) and Shubha Vilas dasa who is the author of a series of books based on the Ramayan will deliver a seminar on the pastimes of Lord Ramachandra.

Shoppers will also be thrilled to view a range of designer fashion garments, accessories and spiritual paraphernalia at the Gift Shop. Items at the Gift Shop have been sourced from both the international and local market. 
A food court of vegetarian food will tantalise the various palate.

In true ISKCON style there will be sumptuous, hot free vegetarian meals cooked on wood-fire served throughout the day.  For further information contact Krsangi Radhe dasi on 083 254 8339.

+27 83 254 8339