Durban Tourism is looking for Social Media Influencers wishing to engage with Durban Tourism through an expanded relationship on various Programmes. These include: Essence Festival Durban, Durban Fashion Fair, Vodacom Durban July, Durban Business Fair, Durban Jazz Festival, Durban Boat Show, Amashova, Tour Durban Cycle Race, Comrades Marathon, Good Food & Wine Show, Township to Township tour, Music by the Lake Series, Durban Summer Campaign and many others.

The Marketing Team will be engaging Social Media influencers on a regular basis and these will be discussed and explained with influencers who meet the requirements, as laid out below.

Rules of the Game: 

1. You are a respected and influential on Social Media from corners of the insights and marketing research industry; 
2. Your platform has been maintained and new content has been published at least once a month for the past six months or longer;
3. You are independent, so you are expressing your own personal views and experiences;
4. You are willing to attend select Durban Tourism events and more importantly, write about it. 
5. You have a proven track record of followers/fans and influence.

Our marketing team will work closely together with Durban Tourism ‘accredited’ social media influencers to provide pre-event interviews, scoops, exclusives and lots of other interesting content.   

In return, you will:
• Write about the event and certain individual presentations before, during and after the event
• Allow us to publish your content, or excerpts on our website and other publications 
• Honor any arranged pre-event and post-event activities such as interviews, presentations etc.
• Enjoy the events and get to know Durban intimately! 

If you are interested, drop an email with details of your blog to  and we will get back to you shortly.   

Blog Details required
- Name & Last Name
- Contact details
- Genre (music/health/travel/food/etc)
- Personality (informative/activist/authorative/etc)
- Over 2 000 unique visitors to your blog/website each month - Last 3 months Google Analytical stats or similar source;
- Proven support and interest in destination marketing;
- Examples of marketing content and/or articles that has influenced customer decisions;
- Over 5 000 combined followers on all social media platforms (this includes Instagram, Facebook & Twitter)