Brave the depths of the Indian Ocean, and discover an ancient world hidden just beneath the water’s surface...

Aliwal Shoal, just off the coast of Umkomaas, has a spectacular marine ecosystem awaiting intrepid scuba divers. The magnificent reef is alive with colourful corals, reef fish, turtles, whales, rays and moray eels. It is rated among the top five warm water diving spots in the world. The reef is particularly renowned for its ragged-tooth sharks, which cruise the reef’s intricate gullies and caves. The reef is also inhabited by zambezi and tiger sharks! The warm, clear water has excellent visibility and rarely drops bellow 19 degrees Celsius. Some of Aliwal’s dive sites include: Raggie’s Cave – which is famed for its ragged tooth sharks, moray eels and potato bass. Divers are only allowed to enter the caves when the sharks are not in residence. Outside Edge – where the greatest variety of marine life on the shoal can be found, including game fish, sharks, dolphins and scorpion fish. Wreck Dives – at the MV Produce and The Nebo provide fascinating alterative sites, with excellent photo opportunities and interesting sea life, including lion fish, the rare harlequin goldie, moray eels andbrindle bass. There are many dive centres in the area that offer accredited scuba diving courses, dive equipment for hire and chartered dives to Aliwal Shoal and other locations along the coast. Divers require valid PADI, NAUI or CMAS Open Water Qualifications.

See the Sardines Run!

The annual Sardine Run is one of the world’s most incredible natural phenomena. Enormous shoals of sardines migrate up the coast every winter, followed by an army of dolphins, sharks, whales, game fish and diving seabirds, which feast on the small shiny fish. The sardines are often driven into shallow water by their predators where they are scooped up by eager fisherman and visitors, who come from far and wide to enjoy the experience.




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