So Durba Logo.jpgIt’s the sound of 5-metre swells at Cave Rock that command surfers’ respect and tube-riding skills. It’s the sound of vervet monkeys chattering in a nature reserve. The sound of ship’s horns as, guided by the Millennium Tower, they enter the largest harbour in Africa. The sound of cannons on the Bluff blasting out to sea during World War II. The cry of the Luthuli tribe, the first human settlement in the Durban area. The sound of curry bubbling gently in a large pot in the homes of Indians forced in a different age to leave their land and settle on the other side of the bay. The joy of slaves, intercepted and released before being sold at their traders’ destination of Zanzibar. The sound of history. The sound of progress. The sound of diversity and hope. Sodurba! The colourful multi-cultural soul of the South Durban Basin. It’s beautiful, it’s exciting, it’s unique, and it’s calling you.